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    Get the Most Money for Your Gold and Silver Today When You Sell at One of Our Two Colorado Locations, All in the Denver Metro Area

    If you're in Denver and want to get top dollar for your gold and silver, this will be the most important website you visit this month.

    Here's why: Golden Nugget Gold Buyers pays the highest prices in Colorado for gold and silver. And we prove it with our 110% guarantee. Make sure to read this entire page for details.

    You might be wondering what else makes Golden Nugget Gold Buyers the smart place to sell your gold and silver. Here's what sets us apart: Golden Nugget Gold Buyers has professional buyers (licensed by the city in which they work) thoroughly examine and test every piece brought into our stores with a strict, 3-step process.

    This is important because there are many different kinds of precious metal jewelry, including those mixed with other metals and gold plated or gold filled items. This can significantly drop the value of the piece, so when a purchasing business doesn't thoroughly test what they’re willing to buy, they will pay out far less overall to cover their margins. If you have genuine gold or silver, this means less money for you.

    Golden Nugget Gold Buyers determines the amount, weight, and value of all precious metals we purchase, and rules out anything not genuine. This ensures we can pay you top dollar for your items.

    For example, just recently we paid a client $982.41 for just a little bit of gold.

    And to prove we pay out the highest price, we'll give you 110% of what anyone else offers, guaranteed

    Here are the details: If you get a higher quote in writing anywhere else for your gold or silver jewelry, we'll beat it by 10%, up to $50.*

    If you have any gold, silver, platinum, necklaces and bracelets, rings and earrings, broken jewelry, gold dental pieces, gold or silver coins (including US Currency minted before 1965), silver flatware, tea sets, or candlesticks, look up the Golden Nugget Gold Buyers location closest to you and visit today. Also make sure to claim your 25% bonus coupon we're temporarily offering on this website, to ensure you get the most money on your sale.

    One important note: While it's true gold and silver prices are high, these are commodities and the market price fluctuates on a daily basis. They could plummet tomorrow. Some are predicting this opportunity to sell high is coming to an end.

    But you can still cash in on this temporary bonanza right now. You really can make extra cash to pay off bills, take the vacation you deserve, or cover any sudden expenses...and the time to cash in is now. Don't hate yourself for missing out.

    Here are the 3 steps to do next:

    1. Select the store closest to you.
    2. Print out your 25% bonus coupon to ensure you get top dollar on your sale, or write down the code InternetBonus and show it to the buyer in our store.
    3. Visit us with your gold and silver for money today!


    The whole process was open and friendly. I would definitely recommend this business if you want to sell some gold items.
    Patricia L.
    The first time I went I got a really sweet deal.
    Jennifer H.
    I loved how clean and refreshing it was in thier store, very comfortable with a relaxed atmosphere...I sold my items for a very good price, and walked away feeling more than satisfied.
    Ceyi L.
    GREAT place! super friendly people. if I ever have more gold to sell, I will definitely bring it here!
    Lindsey H.
    ...I have gone back 2 more times and each time I have always loved the customer service and the deals that have been established.
    Chuy F.
    What a great opportunity to sell items I don't want or need and get cash.
    MJ Garden

      *Best Price Match Guarantee up to a maximum of $50. Valid only on verifiable offers and written quote may be required. Valid only on gold and silver jewelry or silver kitchenware. Not valid on coins or gold parties. Restrictions apply.

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      Including pre-1965 US silver coins, numismatic coins, and foreign coins.
      We Buy Collectible Figurines.
      Especially Lladro And Hummel figurines - bring your collection in today.
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      Even partially used gift cards can be exchanged for money.
      We Buy Cell Phones.
      Especially smartphones - all information on phones is erased.
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      Including Apple iPads, Amazon, Samsung, Google, Asus, and Microsoft brands.
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      Including Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Jaeger LeCoutre, Breitling, Patek Philippe Geneve, and Tiffany & Co.
      We Buy Tiffany Jewelry.
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      We Buy Paper Currency.
      Out-of-circulation, US bills especially $1, $2, $5 and $10.
      We Buy Swarovski.
      Including crystals, jewelry, charms, sunglasses, beads, figurines, and accessories.
      And more! Click here for a complete list of other items we purchase.


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